IV International Ecological Forum, Kherson

    «Clean City. Clean River. Clean Planet»

    4th International Ecological Forum

    September 13-14, 2012 Kherson

    Mission of the Forum is to promote resource and biodiversity conservation, to strengthen human environmental responsibility, to stimulate the interregional and international cooperation in the sphere of environment protection and ecology of culture.

    The Forum therefore aims:

    • to bring together policy makers from public and local government authorities, scientific community, businessmen, mass media, and NGOs to consider issues of environmental management, urban lands development, and ecological balance maintenance;
    • to work out recommendations for developing integrated and effective responses to the problems arising in resource conservation, environment enhancement of the region, economic development in balance with nature, improvement of ecological culture;
    • to stimulate impact mitigation;
    • to mould deep interest towards environmental problems and ways of their treatment;
    • to promote transition  from environmental awareness and ecological problems understanding to socially responsible  actions and moral behaviour.

    Forum Objectives:

    • to enhance institutional relations in the sphere of ecology, economy and ecological culture;
    • to stimulate growth of public and civil mechanisms that favour transition to the model of harmonious, sustainable, energy- and environmentally balanced development of territories;
    • to improve resource- and energy efficiency in management methods;
    • to demonstrate the benefits of modern environmental protection inventions and technologies, to expand access to information on the mechanisms of their implementation and sources of financing;
    • to implement the top-priority goals of water sector development (the River Dnieper water basin, water supply and water disposal);
    • to mould the ecological consciousness as a part of the human inherent culture that is showing up in the everyday activities;
    • to study and consolidate achievements of  interregional and international cooperation with a view of solving tasks in environmental management and ecological well-being improvement.

    Nowadays Ecology extends its influence to more and more spheres of science and practice, technology and culture.  Environmental assessment should be necessarily applied to any project, plan and activity with a view of their possible impact upon nature.

    Ecological Forum "Clean City. Clean River. Clean Planet" provides an opportunity for scientific community, business and public organizations, that are eager to seek answers, to share their understanding of environmental problems and, moreover, to work up strategies for the development of Nature responsible society!

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