About Forum 2010

    «Clean City. Clean River. Clean Planet»
    2nd International Ecological Forum
    November 18-19, 2010 Kherson

    Mission of the Forum — promotion of natural resources and biological diversity saving, promotion of ecological well-being establishment, stimulation of interregional and international cooperation in the  sphere of environmental protection.

    Purposes of the Forum:

    • achievement of the state authorities, local government, scientific community, business circles, public and other organizations working in the field of environmental protection and rational use of natural resources highest possible cooperation and involvement;
    • development of recommendations for effective and complex solution of rational nature exploitation problems, region ecological enhancement and economic development in balance with nature;
    • widening of effective interregional and international environmental cooperation.

    Objectives of the Forum:

    • improvement of institutional relations in the sphere of environmental safety and increasing the regional economy energy efficiency;
    • stimulating the development of public and civic mechanisms aimed at creating conditions for the transition to a model of harmonious, energy- and environmentally balanced progress of territories;
    • demonstrating the benefits of modern environmental protection inventions and technologies, extending the access to information about the mechanisms of their implementation and sources of financing;
    • realization of the priority directions of water sector development (Dnieper water basin, water supply and water disposal);
    • improvement of the society environmental culture; environmental liability formation;
    • studying and consolidating the interregional and international cooperation experience in solving the questions of natural resources complex exploitation and environmental situation improvement.

    The Ecological Forum “Clean City. Clean River. Clean Planet” is a discussion platform for the exchange of experience on the problems of energy efficiency, mechanisms of resource economy improving, ecosystems and biological diversity saving, increasing the role of environmental education and environmental liability, development of a dialogue between public authorities, scientific community, business  and public organizations.

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