I Ecological Forum

    «Clean City. Clean River. Clean Planet»

    І International Ecological Forum
    November 19 -20, 2009 Kherson

    Mission of the Forum – promotion of environmentally friendly technologies, equipment and services saving natural resources, strengthening of ecological safety of Ukraine and improvement of the environment, as well as formation of ecological culture and environmental education.

    Purposes of the Forum:

    • demonstration of the best environmental protection inventions, services and technologies, saving natural resources;
    • creation of favorable conditions for development of regional and international cooperation in the sphere of environmental protection and rational exploitation of natural resources;
    • assistance in regional ecological policy formation, in development and realization of effective  environment protective measures on the territory of Kherson region;
    • ecological culture promotion and education of all population levels in Kherson region;
    • promotion of modern financial tools aimed at modern ecological projects, programs and introduction of newest inventions.

    Tasks of the Forum:

    • creation of the information and demonstration area for experience exchange, for contracts and agreements signing;
    • demonstration of modern environmental protection technologies and inventions, including those in the spheres of alternative power engineering, of waste management and water consumption;
    • stimulating the development of both interregional and international integration and cooperation in the sphere of natural resources saving, ecological safety and environmental quality improvement via mutually beneficial cooperation between the scientific, business, state representatives and the public sector;
    • assistance in investments attraction.

    During the recent years the necessity of attraction the wide public and the professionals’ attention towards the problem of unsound ecological situation, being obvious to some extent in all European countries, including Ukraine, is quite evident. The obligations to be compliant with the international ecological standards, accepted by Ukraine, as well as active economic development during the recent years are becoming the guarantee for expenses, aimed at environmental protection sector, increasing. In this connection specialized measures allowing wide opportunities for ecological problems solution are becoming more and more actual.

    Joint efforts by the public authorities, professional associations, scientific circles, equipment manufacturing and services providing companies, Chambers of Commerce and Industry, mass-media, representatives of city communities will contribute much to the process of strengthening the ecological safety of Kherson region and country as a whole.

    Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry
    Gagarin Str., 34a Kherson 73013,
    tel. +38 (0552) 32-52-38, 49-33-29, 42-51-19
    Web: www.tpp.ks.ua
    E-mail: office@tpp.ks.ua

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